Services We Offer at Forum Jewellers

At Forum Jewellers, we’re delighted to offer an extensive selection of high-quality services to our clients. It’s our aim to fulfil the jewellery needs of every customer who walks into our store, whether they’re in need of a gift for a loved one or they’d like to have an item repaired. Below, you can learn more about some of the excellent services that we have available.


One of the most common reasons why customers come to us is because we offer comprehensive jewellery cleaning solutions. Jewellery is made to shine, so it’s no wonder people want to keep their valuables clean for every occasion. Perhaps more importantly, though, cleaning means that your jewellery will be kept in the best possible condition. Depending on what type of jewellery you own, dirt and muck might cause the item to deteriorate over time, which will significantly impact its value.

When you reach out to our team for jewellery cleaning, they will first carry out a quick assessment of the item, identifying the areas that need to be cleaned. We will need to determine what type of cleaning product would be most suitable, a process made easy through the expertise of our staff. Our team only uses cleaning products that are safe for jewellery, ensuring that not even a scratch is left on your precious items. The cleaning services we offer are quick and effective, so you won’t be waiting long to get your piece back.


Our team often has local customers reach out to them to have their jewellery redesigned. Thanks to the skill of our staff, we’re able to competently redesign jewellery and have the requested changes implemented for each customer. We can offer a FREE, no-obligation quote to customers who are interested in having a particular item of jewellery redesigned.


In some unfortunate instances, customers come to us with a broken piece of jewellery that they wish to have repaired. Our team has plenty of experience when it comes to fixing jewellery, having taken on many challenging repair jobs over the years. We will need to assess your item to see exactly where the fault lies before advising you on whether or not the item can be repaired. The vast majority of times, a repair is possible, but it’s important to note that some pieces of jewellery are sadly irreparably damaged.

The time it takes to fix your jewellery will depend on the extent of the damage in the first place. Minor fixes could be done on the same day, whereas more complex work will take a little longer. Our team will always strive to deliver a prompt and lasting repair, providing you with a realistic repair timeline. We are also available to help customers get a stuck ring removed from their fingers. We will be careful to not irreparably damage the ring, leaving you able to have it re-sized at a later date.


We realise that some people’s jewellery requirements change over time, particularly when it comes to size. If you need to have a ring or bracelet altered so that it better fits, our team can provide you with the best possible solution. We can alter your jewellery with ease, as we have access to specialised equipment that is precise and effective. Our staff will alter your jewellery while keeping it in pristine condition!

Watch Repairs

On top of our jewellery-related services, we also offer comprehensive watch repairs. No matter the issue, our staff will be happy to take a look at your watch and see how it can be fixed. As is the case with our jewellery, we have specialised tools available to fix watches quickly and effectively for all customers. Bring your watch in today if you’re experiencing problems.

Offering a Wide Range of Jewellery

As well as being able to deliver useful services, we at Forum Jewellers also have a selection of stunning jewellery items for sale. We sell everything from engagement and wedding rings to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more! We also have an impressive range of watches available, all of which have been manufactured by proven brands, making for lasting quality. Our team advises every client on the various pieces of jewellery that we have, making recommendations based on their needs and budget.

We’re delighted to offer a variety of metal and stone types to our clients. We stock various gold colours ranging in quality from plated to 18ct. What’s more, we have every luxury gemstone that you can think of, from sapphires and rubies to peridots and opals. Rest assured, all of our jewellery is carefully checked to make sure that it meets the highest of standards before being handed to customers. No matter your taste or the occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of jewellery when you reach out to our local experts.

Excellent Customer Service

At Forum Jewellers, it’s our aim to ensure that every client is taken through a pleasant experience when working with our team. Whether you are buying a new piece of jewellery, need to have an item mended or anything in between, our team will strive to take you through a straightforward process. When you first enter our shop, you’ll be welcomed by a member of staff who will strive to help you with your query. If we’re particularly busy upon your arrival, feel free to relax in our comfortable seating area for a little while.

We want to help all customers find the perfect gift, which is why we offer thorough consultations to everyone. You can also check out some of our useful buying guides online to get a better idea of the jewellery that we have available. We will make sure that you’re satisfied with our service at all times, going above and beyond to ensure that you’re left with high-quality jewellery or related services. Be sure to reach out to our knowledgeable team if you have any specific queries concerning our work.

Your Local Jewellers

We’re proud to stand out from the crowd as independent and local jewellers in Poole. Our team serves the local community from our store in Broadstone and customers from afar via our online store. All of our staff are passionate and have in-depth knowledge concerning all types of jewellery. You can expect to always find interesting products and receive excellent customer service when you visit us.


Over the years, we’ve delivered first-class jewellery solutions to numerous customers, leaving many overjoyed by our efforts. Rather than just take our word for the quality of our services, why not read what some of our past clients have had to say? On our reviews page, you’ll find plenty of stellar feedback from past customers, all of whom praise the quality of our work and products, as well as the professionalism of our staff.

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If you’d like to learn more about what we at Forum Jewellers have to offer, be sure to reach out to our specialists today! We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about our services, as we ensure that you’re left wholly satisfied. Call us now on 01202 600 350, email us at [email protected] or fill out our online contact form to get started.