Engagement ring buying guide

At Forum Jewellers, we know that choosing an engagement ring can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. That’s why we’ve used our many years of experience to put together a guide that tells you everything you need to know about picking the perfect engagement ring.

Getting started

Engagement ring styles

There are several different styles of engagement ring (not to mention infinite possibilities when you create a custom design), but some of the most popular options are 3 stone, cluster, halo, and single stone.

Picking the right style for your partner is a hugely personal choice, but it can help to seek inspiration from the jewellery they currently wear. If they’re a fan of bold, showstopping pieces, a dazzling cluster engagement ring might be the perfect choice. If they favour more classic styles, you might want to opt for an elegant single stone.

Choosing a diamond

The four Cs

Diamonds are measured by four factors:

Carat: This is the weight of the diamond. 100 points equals 1 carat.

Colour: The most sought-after white diamonds are colourless. They are graded by letter:

  • D-E – exceptional white
  • F-G – rare white
  • H – white
  • I-J – slightly tinted white
  • K-L – tinted white
  • M-Z – tinted

At Forum Jewellers, we focus on quality diamonds in the D-I range.

Cut: There are more than 10 different shapes of diamond, including:

  • Round/Brilliant
  • Mastercut* (famous for having 32 more facets than a traditional round brilliant diamond)
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • Asscher
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Emerald
  • Marquise

Each cut will reflect the light in a different way, giving a unique effect. The most popular diamond shape for an engagement ring is the round, brilliant cut, and the most popular style is the classic diamond solitaire ring.

Clarity: When diamonds are created by carbon, the result isn’t always a clear gemstone. Deposits (known as ‘inclusions’) may form a ‘black spot’ and, as such, each diamond is unique. The rarest and most valuable diamonds have the least inclusions.

It’s all in the details…

What metal should I choose?

Jewellery trends change, but at the moment the most popular metals for engagement rings are white gold or platinum. A good starting point would be to look at your partner’s jewellery collection (if they have one) to see which metal they wear the most.

How do I know which size to buy?

It’s unlikely you’ll know your partner’s exact ring size (unless they’ve been dropping you some hints!), but don’t worry. We recommend that you purchase your chosen ring, then ask your loved one to visit us afterwards so we can measure their finger and order the correct size.

Take their breath away

Design your own stunning engagement ring

At Forum Jewellers, we offer a bespoke engagement ring design service. What could be a more special symbol of your love than a custom ring that’s been designed with your partner in mind? A completely unique ring will not only be a great talking point but will almost certainly become a cherished family heirloom.

The engagement ring on the right is a stunning design we created for a very happy bride-to-be. You can read more about the process of creating a bespoke engagement ring here.

Other frequently asked questions

Should I insure my engagement ring?

We always recommend that you insure your engagement ring so that it is covered in the event of loss, theft or damage. You can either take insurance out with us at the time of purchase or add the ring to your home contents policy.

When and where should I propose?

When you propose is entirely up to you, but most people choose a significant date such as an anniversary or another day that means a lot to you as a couple. Surprisingly, given its romantic connotations, we’ve found that Valentine’s Day isn’t the most popular day to propose.

Fun fact: Leap Day (29th February) is traditionally when women have the opportunity to propose. Don’t let that stop you though; we say, if you’re in love and the time is right, it shouldn’t matter who proposes!

As for the perfect place, it’s a good idea to think about how public you’d like the proposal to be. If your partner is a shy, private person, it might be better to pop the question on a quiet country walk rather than in the middle of a busy restaurant.

Think about activities and places that are special to you as a couple. If you both enjoy hiking, why not take a romantic walk along the Jurassic Coast before proposing over a picnic lunch? If the two of you have a favourite spot (perhaps the place you went on your first date), why not take them there? The perfect proposal in one that is heartfelt and reflects you both as a couple.

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