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Is Your Jewellery Adequately Insured?

The best way to protect your jewellery in the event of loss or damage is to insure it. To insure pieces for the right value requires a valuation from an Institute Registered Valuer.
Is your valuation description sufficient, giving details for the following purpose:

  • Check that the replacement is of comparable quality and value to the original.
  • Enable a very similar item to be purchased or manufactured.
  • Provide a checklist, so that everything lost or stolen can be claimed for.
  • Professional description if the item is recovered by the police.
  • Ensure that in the event of any disagreement with the insurance company or loss adjusters you have a firm foundation on which to base your case.
  • Show that on the date stated, the item existed and was examined by the signatory.

A competently prepared insurance valuation schedule should contain information on the size, shape, materials, age, weight, etc. and the monetary value of an item. Such work should only be entrusted to specialists in the appraisal and valuation of jewellery.

A quality jewellery valuation service is prepared by a Fellow of The Institute of Registered Valuers working to the National Association of Goldsmith’s code of practice and is independently regulated to ensure that established high standards are maintained.

  • Please check with your insurance for the single article limit they require to be listed on your schedule, before you bring in your precious items for valuation.
  • Generally items under £1,000.00 are not required to be listed; therefore our Valuer will show these as a total value and in abbreviated form.

A valuation for probate is done to establish the value of a person’s estate.

The value is based on the price, which the jewellery is likely to realise if it were sold at auction at the time of death of the owner.

The sum will be considerably less than a valuation for insurance as current labour, materials and taxation costs are not taken into consideration, but only the current market situation.

The Valuer will require the following information:

  • Date of Death,
  • Name of the deceased,
  • Please contact us for the current charges.