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The 5 factors when choosing pearl jewellery. The most valuable pearls occur spontaneously in the wild, but are extremely rare.

Pearl Shape

The pearl shapes are referred to as round, semi-round, semi-baroque (slightly irregular) and baroque (irregular). In general, the more spherical the pearl, the higher the value.

Pearl Colour

Pearls are available in a variety of colours and tones ranging through pink, white, cream-pink, cream-gold, grey and black. The colour of the final product is determined by nature without the influence of man. Choose the one that complements your skin tone. Generally whites and pinks suit paler complexions whilst creams and cream-pinks the darker complexions

Pearl Surface Purity

This term refers to the absence of blemishes and marks on the surface of the pearls using the naked eye.

Pearl Size

Pearls are available in a variety of sizes from 3-10mm.

Pearl Lustre

Lustre is what gives pearls their beauty and shimmering iridescence. This is the bright yet deep-seated sheen on the surface created through the reflections and refractions of millions of microscopic layers of nacre. In general the thicker the coating the better the lustre.

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