Bespoke Jewellery Services

At Forum Jewellers, we have over 40 years experience in helping customers create their own jewellery or transforming existing pieces that they never wear. Have a look at our list of services to see how your jewellery could be given a new lease of life. With all our work, we can give you a free, no obligation quote before you make your final decision. Come and chat to us.


If you have a vision for a piece of jewellery that you just can’t find anywhere ready-made, why not have it designed and created for you?

You may have a picture of something similar, a rough sketch or an existing stone that you would like included in a new piece. Whatever you are thinking of, come in and see one of our friendly team who will get as much information as possible from you then refer the idea to our experts. Using the latest modern technology, they will produce a Computer Aided Design (CAD) for you to see exactly how your new piece of jewellery will look and how much it will cost. Once you approve, your design will be brought to life in approximately 4-8 weeks


Our skilled goldsmith can restore old jewellery by replacing missing stones, retipping claws that are not holding in a stone securely, replacing worn shanks or building up metal where it has thinned. Bring in any piece that you feel could be restored and we will give you a free, no-obligation quote for any work that needs to be done to make your much loved jewellery feel like new again.  If it can’t be restored don’t worry it can be remounted.

Recently, a customer came in with a very worn engagement ring and we were able to restore the much loved ring to its former beauty by sourcing an additional stone to replace a missing one and replacing all the claws.


You may have inherited a piece of jewellery that is just sat in your jewellery box or drawer that you wouldn’t wear but you don’t want to sell because it holds a lot of sentimental memories. Bring it in to us at Forum Jewellers and we’ll show you how you can reuse the metal or gemstones to create a brand new piece of jewellery that you will love to wear

A great example is where one customer requested we use 3 diamonds from a family heirloom to remodel into a wedding ring in her chosen design to sit next to her existing engagement ring, adding an extra diamond for sparkle.


Remounting is a process where a gemstone is removed and reset in a new mount to make it more secure extending the life of your jewellery. Or you may have a stone from a mother’s or grandmother’s engagement ring that you would like set into a more contemporary design that you can wear every day. Or your jewellery is made of yellow gold and you would prefer a different metal like white gold or platinum. Your stones can even be remounted into something completely different, like from a ring to a pendant, or necklace to earrings or vice versa

We were presented with a worn out family heirloom which needed a new lease of life so we remounted the stones and changed the shank to yellow gold. This is now a much cherished piece of jewellery that is worn every day.


If you have a beautiful piece of inherited jewellery or something that isn’t really in fashion now that doesn’t quite suit your tastes, why not repurpose it and let us design something that will become a cherished part of your collection? Gems that have been reset into a different metal, rings turned into pendants, a selection of old rings melted down to create two new wedding bands, stones removed from earrings to make a necklace – the possibilities are endless!

One of our favourite repurposing stories is where a customer came in with her late husband’s jewellery and also had her own single earring set with her birthstone.
She wanted to know if we could incorporate all of it into one piece.

Of course we could! We designed a stunning pendant and also sourced an additional peridot to sit alongside the garnet so that both their birthstones were included. A beautiful tribute.

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