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Known as ‘the mirror to the soul’, few metals come close to the refined mystique of silver.


Silver traditionally symbolises wealth and success, and its lustrous colour gives the impression of sophistication, grace and elegance – just perfect for jewellery!

It has been used in jewellery for thousands of years, and at times throughout history, it was even more highly valued than gold.

Nowadays, it is a much more affordable alternative to gold or platinum, and it looks fabulous set with colourful, vibrant  gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds … and, of course, diamonds!

Silver Hallmarks

Silver comes in two forms: fine and sterling.

  • Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. It is usually stamped with a marker reading ‘999’, ‘.999’, or ‘99.9’ to prove its purity.
  • Sterling silver, on the other hand, is pure silver alloyed with copper. It usually has a ratio of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, hence why it is often called ‘925 silver’.

Pure silver is very soft and malleable, which makes it quite difficult to work with. Although it does not tarnish, its softness makes it vulnerable to scratching and bending. It is also much more expensive than sterling. For this reason, most silver jewellery is sterling.

Sterling silver is much hardier – and more affordable – but it is prone to tarnishing. Tarnish can be reduced with proper care and cleaning.

Gold-Plated Silver

If you prefer warmer, more colourful tones, gold-plated silver may be more your style.

‘Plating’ is when a piece of jewellery is covered with a thin layer of another metal. Gold-plated jewellery is, as the name suggests, a piece of silver jewellery that has been coated in gold.

A special type of gold-plated silver is vermeil. Although many people believe all gold-plated silver pieces are vermeil, true vermeil jewellery must have a gold thickness of 2.5 microns and the coating must be over a sterling silver base.

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