Whether you are looking for a simple chain or a more intricate necklace featuring your favourite gemstone or symbol, Forum Jewellers has just the piece you will love.

Our favourite brands include Angel Whisperer, ChloBo, Claudia Bradby, Coeur de Lion, Hot Diamonds, Nomination, Ti Sento, Unique, UNOde50, and our own Forum Jewellers collection. These brands offer you traditional and contemporary necklaces and chains to accessorise with style

Beautiful jewellery pieces in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver, and men’s chains in platinum and stainless steel, with a fabulous selection of necklaces enhanced with diamonds, pearls, crystals, turquoise and rose quartz, amongst other gemstones – you will be spoilt for choice!

In addition to the ladies’ and men’s necklaces and chains online, you can find more in-store in Broadstone, Poole.


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  • 2838/10-211

    Coeur De Lion Sunset Necklace.  For everyone who loves summer as much as we do! Our iconic GEOCUBE® cube necklace Sunset Gold – shines in the most beautiful summer colours and is reminiscent of an unforgettable sunset on the beach. Complete your summer look with the matching bracelets, earrings and…

  • 2838/10-2026

    Coeur De Lion Aqua Lilac Necklace.  The GeoCUBE® Iconic Aqua-Lilac necklace comes in a delicate lilac colour combined with elegant shades of blue.      

  • 2838/10-1591

    Coeur De Lion Multicolour Happiness Necklace.  The GeoCUBE® Iconic Necklace Happiness – Multicolor – shines in contrasting colours and is a real eye-catcher with its new fresh colour combination.      

  • 2838/10-1568

    Coeur De Lion GeoCube Multicolour Fancy Necklace.  The multicoloured Fancy GEOCUBE® Iconic necklace is a very special piece of jewellery with fresh, vibrant colours that tie in with the current hyperbright trend. These bold shades are perfect for lifting the mood and brightening up dark winter’s days, or cheering you…

  • 4905/10-738

    GeoCUBE® Iconic Precious necklace light blue-beige.  Bring the delicate colours of nature into your look with the GeoCUBE® Iconic Precious necklace in light blue and beige. The gemstones, including agate, pink aventurine and chalcedony, create a harmonious multicolour effect in combination with delicately coloured Swarovski crystals. Each stone has a unique…

  • 4017/10-1900

    Coeur De Lion GeoCUBE® Iconic Precious necklace Rose.  Sweet pink! The GeoCUBE® Iconic Precious Necklace Pink – enchanting with rose quartz and pink Swarovski crystals – contrasts with shiny silver-grey hematite.  

  • 4023/10-504

    Coeur De Lion GeoCUBE® Iconic necklace green pink necklace. Discover the magic of innovation with our GeoCUBE® collection – an endless source of inspiration, elegance and design. With passion and tireless dedication, we create a variety of colour and material combinations for you that are always in line with the latest…

  • £199.00

    9ct Gold Synthetic Turquoise Clover Inlay Necklace.  This 9ct yellow gold necklace has 3 x 6.5mm Synthetic Turquoise Clover Petals and measures 17″ with a 16″ adjustment.  Secures with a 9ct bolt ring.  Looks great on its own or stacked with another chain.

  • DN191

    Hot Diamonds Silver Blossom Necklace.   This 925 sterling silver Blossom necklace is right up our street. The detailed silver spheres add a contemporary feel to this piece and its gentle doming looks great on the neck. It measures 28mm wide and can be worn at 45cm or shorter at 40cm…

  • 4905/10-1583

    The multicoloured boho GEOCUBE® Iconic Precious necklace exudes a zest for life and unconventional beauty. This necklace features a fresh, multicoloured combination of precious stones inspired by a fun bohemian style. The design of the necklace brings together different precious stones in a vibrant combination of colours and shades. Each…

  • 4521/10-1637

    An extravagant, gold-coloured statement version of the Neptune’s Treasure multiwear design with grey agate and stylish cracked rock crystal. This cool, clear collection combines chunky chains with delicate style elements, connected by a strong, shiny clasp – as solid as an anchor in the high seas. Thanks to this clasp,…

  • 4409/10-2011

    The Sparkling Classic Pastel necklace is a lovely fresh take on the classic multicoloured design. It is hallmarked by shimmering elements in pastel shades of turquoise, apricot, white and grey. Glittering crystals in coordinating colours add extra sparkle to the necklace and make it even more glamorous. The subtle, delicate…

  • 4086/10-1527

    This asymmetrical GeoCUBE® Fusion Pearls necklace is a perfectly coordinated dialogue between cubist clarity and romantic shimmering pearls. In distinctively fresh, spring like shades, it features a harmonious contrast of strict lines and delicate pearls. Gold stainless steel, Swarovski® crystals and pearls come together in a breath taking yet elegant…

  • 4085/10-1316

    Breathtaking Mysterious Cubes & Pearls! Timeless, elegant black Swarovski® crystals are combined with sophisticated crystal pearls to dramatic effect. The length can be customised using the practical sliding fastener. Ideal for layering.  

  • 4017/10-500

    The green GEOCUBE® Iconic Precious necklace is a stunning piece of jewellery which combines green aventurine – known for its calming and restorative properties – with sparkling Swarovski® crystals Finished off with silver details, this necklace is both elegant and stylish.  

  • 4017/10-235

    The GEOCUBE® Iconic Precious necklace in rose gold plated and peach is an updated version of a legendary classic. This necklace gives the familiar design a fresh, modern lift.  

  • 4013/10-756

    Coeur De Lion Capri Blue Necklace.   This necklace is sure to give your outfit a certain je ne sais quoi, whether you wear it casually or for a formal occasion. It can dress up a simple top or round off an evening outfit.    

  • 3339/10-500

    Coeur De Lion Green Joyful Colours Necklace.  Timelessly beautiful and very popular. This enchanting necklace in fresh, elegant green can be worn with either a classic everyday look or an evening outfit.    

  • 3339/10-319

    Coeur De Lion Red Joyful Colours Necklace.  This exciting design in bright tones of red adds the perfect touch of colour to your look. Whether worn alone or as a set, these pieces are a real eye-catcher.    

  • 3339/10-100

    Coeur De Lion Yellow Joyful Colours Necklace.  An expressive design full of colour and joie de vivre, perfect for any spring or summer look. Add beautiful accents with this GeoCUBE® necklace in sunny yellow tones.