Watch repairs

We offer an extensive repair service for all major watch brands. Because we work with a local watchmaker, we’re able to offer very competitive prices and a much quicker turnaround than the major watch houses.

Keep your watch running at its best

Ultrasonic cleaning and sanitisation service

By cleaning and sanitising the components of your watch, we can make sure that it not only looks great and stays hygienic, but that it also runs at its best.

Dust and grime in the mechanism of your watch can impact its performance. By making sure we carefully clean it both inside and out, we can ensure it stays accurate and reliable.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses soundwaves to generate bubbles that reach spots that would be impossible to clean by hand, loosening and knocking out dirt and grime.

Give your watch a new lease of life

Dial restoration and glass replacement

We can restore damaged and tired-looking dials, to give your watch a new lease of life and keep it looking good as new.

Breaking your watch face needn’t mean the end of its life. We can source and replace the glass for the majority of watch brands.

Keep ticking along

Battery replacement

We can offer battery replacements for all major watch brands, which are carried out in-store or with the Watch Maker and are guaranteed for 12 months. We can order the batteries in, if we don’t already have them in stock.

Enjoy the perfect fit

Bracelet adjustment and repairs

If your watch bracelet has become damaged or broken, or simply needs resizing to fit your wrist comfortably, we are here to help. We can undertake repairs and adjust your bracelet as required.

A timepiece you can depend on

Watch servicing

Having your watch serviced is the best way to ensure it stays accurate and running at its best. During a service, your watch will be disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and polished. Any damaged components will either be fixed or replaced. Once reassembled, your watch will be adjusted and checked to ensure it runs well.

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