December Birthstones – Striking Tanzanite and Turquoise Jewellery

Those born in December are blessed with two birthstones: the striking tanzanite and the otherworldly turquoise.

Tanzanite is an exclusive gem that can only be found in one place on Earth: a majestic region near Mount Kilimanjaro. The unique conditions for the formation of tanzanite have made this gemstone rarer than diamonds! Believed to enhance intuition and perception in its wearer, its beautiful deep violet and blue shades make it perfectly fitting for the winter seasons.

Turquoise’s calming sea-green shades have made it beloved for millennia – turquoise necklaces and bracelets were found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 3000 BCE. Aside from its beauty, turquoise is believed to cleanse anxiety and encourage inner peace in its wearer.

Shopping for a loved one with a December birthday? Find the perfect gift with some of our favourite tanzanite and turquoise pieces below!

Explore jewellery at Forum Jewellers in Poole, we have a diverse range of birthstone jewellery for each month. Read our guide to learn more about the unique gemstone associated with your birth month.

Tanzanite Jewellery

9ct White Gold Tanzanite Cluster Stud Earrings

December Birthstones – Striking Tanzanite and Turquoise Jewellery

Embrace a life of glitz and glamour with these breathtaking tanzanite earrings. Set in white gold, they feature a border of diamonds glittering around a heart of teardrop-shaped tanzanite.

9ct White Gold Tanzanite & Diamond Flower Pendant

December Birthstones – Striking Tanzanite and Turquoise Jewellery

Delicate and feminine, this flower-inspired necklace features six glistening tanzanite petals surrounding a twinkling diamond, all set in cool white gold.

Turquoise Jewellery

Claudia Bradby Silver Turquoise & Pearl Eternity Bracelet

December Birthstones – Striking Tanzanite and Turquoise Jewellery

By combining pure white pearls with eye-catching turquoise beads, this stylish bracelet offers a modern twist on a classic design. It will add a fun yet subtle pop of colour to any black or white outfit.

9ct Turquoise Pendant & 18″ Chain

December Birthstones – Striking Tanzanite and Turquoise Jewellery

This elegant pendant features two turquoise gems set on top of one another, nestled in a bed of 9ct gold. Its timeless design harkens back to bygone eras while still embracing a hint of modernity. Pair with matching earrings for something truly special!

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