November Birthstone – Colourful Citrine & Topaz Jewellery

Those lucky enough to be born in November have two eye-catching birthstones to choose from: topaz and citrine.

Topaz is known for its striking blue and orange shades. It has long been used as a symbol of honour and strength, believed to bring wisdom to whomever wears it.

Citrine comes in beautiful yellow and orange hues, making it the perfect jewel for crisp Autumn months. Its calming energies bring fortune and warmth to its wearer.

Shopping for a loved one with a November birthday? The biggest challenge will be deciding which to pick! To help you find the perfect gift, take a look at some of our favourite topaz and citrine pieces below.

Explore jewellery at Forum Jewellers in Poole, we have a diverse range of birthstone jewellery for each month. Read our guide to learn more about the unique gemstone associated with your birth month.

Topaz Jewellery

9ct White Gold Topaz Cluster Ring

This stunning ring features a London Blue topaz surrounded by a cluster of smaller, lighter topazes. Along with its white gold setting, the contrast in blue shades creates a bold yet elegant statement ring, sure to add a touch of class to your everyday wear.

November Birthstone – Colourful Citrine & Topaz Jewellery

9ct Gold Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings

Dripping with luxury, these opulent earrings will turn heads wherever you go.

Set in curved 9ct gold, a rich London Blue topaz glitters beneath an oval of tiny diamonds. Pair with a black or dark blue dress for a powerful and striking presence.

November Birthstone – Colourful Citrine & Topaz Jewellery

Citrine Jewellery

9ct Citrine & Diamond Pendant & 18″ Chain

This lovely necklace features a unique madeira tear drop citrine with a baguette cut diamond – a truly stunning gift for a November birthday.

November Birthstone – Colourful Citrine & Topaz Jewellery

ChloBo Gold Plated Sun Catcher Citrine Bracelet

Harness the light of the sun with this warm, bohemian-style bracelet. With an intricate sun charm nestled amongst an array of shimmering citrine beads, it acts as a lasting symbol of growth and spiritual maturity.

November Birthstone – Colourful Citrine & Topaz Jewellery

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