Engagement Rings

We’ve had many years of experience helping people plan the perfect proposal, starting with the perfect engagement ring! If you’re thinking of popping the question, the team at Forum Jewellers is here to help.

You can browse our range of beautiful engagement rings here or visit us in-store for advice from our expert jewellers.

Engagement Rings

Choosing the Perfect Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking but exciting decisions you’ll ever have to make. We recommend looking at the jewellery your partner already wears to get a better idea of their preferred metal and which styles they like. Are they likely to want something traditional or more of a statement piece? Whether you decide on a classic engagement ring or something a little different, we can help you find a ring they will love and cherish for a lifetime.

Engagement Rings

Selecting The Right Size

One of the main things most people worry about when choosing an engagement ring is making sure it’s the right size. Unless your partner has already told you their ring size (perhaps slipped it into a recent conversation as a subtle hint!), getting the correct size can be a matter of guesswork. Some people bring us one of their partner’s existing rings to use as a rough guide, but this always carries a risk of ruining the surprise. Ultimately, you needn’t worry at all. Simply find the ring you like, pop the question, then bring your partner in so we can measure their finger and exchange the ring for the correct size.

Engagement Rings

A Ring That Will Be Cherished For A Lifetime

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring, including which metal your partner would prefer, as well as the diamond cut (shape), size, colour and clarity. Ultimately though, we always like to reassure anyone who’s nervously preparing to pop the question that the most important part of a proposal is the person holding the ring box. An engagement ring chosen with love will naturally become a perfect reflection of the special bond you share. Your partner will cherish their engagement ring because you chose it – that’s the most important thing.

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