Amore Silver Aquamarine Pendant & Chain


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March Birthstone Aqua Sterling Silver Necklace

The Vita Collection of Birthstones all with Genuine Gemstones are Designed by Amore Argento

A beautiful aquamarine gemstone necklace that promotes the sensation of calmness, trust and letting go. Believed to be used by sailors long ago as a talisman of good fortune, protection and fearlessness, it’s a stone that is considered to bring eternal happiness and youth. This elegant and appealing necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit for any occasion. A gorgeous piece that will add a regal touch daytime or night-time.

Every piece of Amore Argento jewellery is perfectly presented in an attractive gift bag and box. Accompanied by the amore heart-shaped microfibre polishing cloth, this is the gift that will always be treasured.

This necklace is 6.5mm diameter with a 4mm round aquamarine.

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Amore Silver Aquamarine Pendant & Chain


In stock