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Ladies! Are you fed up with waiting for him to propose? Tradition says this is the year you can take control on the 29th February! 


Gents! Did you know 2020 is a Leap Year? It is traditional on the 29th February that any woman can propose to a man rather than wait for it to happen the other way round! So watch out gents, if you don’t propose, she could propose to you!

With 40% of UK proposals taking place between Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day, Forum Jewellers have the widest selection of engagement rings to suit all budgets so you can be sure you will make the perfect choice.  Our qualified and experienced staff invite you to come and sit with us in our specially designed Consultation Area, enjoy some refreshments and let us help you with one of the biggest decisions you will have to make.  Having been part of so many engagement plans, our staff even have proposal stories to share if you are looking for inspiration.

We hope you enjoy our videos as we find out Will He or Should She?

So no matter who’s asking, Forum Jewellers have the answer!

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