Angie Dean

What Do I Do?

I’ve been working at Forum Jewellers for 25 years, starting as a Repairs Administrator before taking the role of Repairs Manager after five years. My day-to-day tasks involve dealing with all repair enquiries, advising customers on what repairs are possible, making suggestions for repurposing jewellery, and booking in and managing the process of taking the jewellery to our workshop.

Angie Dean

Challenges in My Role

Keeping myself updated with current ethical and legal issues relating to jewellery is really important so I can inform our customers. For instance, not many people know it is illegal to melt down a sovereign ring because it is considered coin of the realm.

It’s also important for me to have empathy with our customers as, more often than not, they are bringing in jewellery that carries great sentimental value, so they need to be treated with respect and understanding as an individual.

I enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to put something right where a customer may have been told a piece of jewellery is unrepairable. Keeping up to date with modern technology and going from a fully manual to a fully computerised system has kept me busy over the years and continues to challenge me!


Testimonials From Our Customers

“Fantastic personal customer service. I had some jewellery from my late mother and Angie was so kind to me and made some great suggestions of how we could make it all into a ring. She showed me a portfolio of things they had made previously, but also let me try on rings from their current range to get ideas. The result is the most beautiful ring! My mum would have loved it. Thank you so much.” Sarah Summers

My Story

I previously worked in a school and was looking for a career change when I applied to Forum. I’m very good at remembering names, which has helped me enormously in retail. Plus, I can remember a particular customer’s history with us – I’ve now got customers who insist I call them by their first names because I have known them for so long! 

My Proudest Moment

My most memorable Forum moment was when a lady came in with all her husband’s jewellery, and he had only passed the week before. We were able to remodel some of his jewellery, and she was able to wear it as a constant reminder of him. She was in tears when she came in to collect the new designs.

I’m very proud that Forum has given me the opportunity to study for the industry qualifications as I now have a Retail Jewellers Diploma and a Professional Jewellers Management Diploma awarded by the National Association of Goldsmiths.

What Makes Forum Special?

I think what makes Forum Jewellers special is that it is an independent family-run store, and, as such, we don’t carry massive amounts of the same item, so the choice is more varied. We’re also very well trained, which makes us knowledgeable about all our jewellery collections. Our customer service is also hugely important to us, and we are very proud of our reputation.

My Favourite Piece

My favourite piece of jewellery from Forum is an 18ct Diamond Bubble Ring that I had wanted for ages, which my husband secretly bought me for our 40th anniversary this year!

Our team

Angie Dean


Angie Dean

Shop Manager

Angie Dean

Repairs Manager

Angie Dean

Sales Consultant

Angie Dean

Sales Consultant