Amore Silver Ruby Pendant & Chain


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July Birthstone Ruby Sterling Silver Necklace

The Vita Birthstone Collection, designed by Amore Argento, all with genuine gemstones.

This classic round necklace is the setting for a precious ruby gemstone. Overflowing with a deep red hue, this stone sings of nobility and makes for a striking adornment. Considered to be the queen of gemstones and the stone of kings, the ruby is a thoughtful gift keep it in your own beautiful private jewellery collection.

Every piece of Amore Argento jewellery is perfectly presented in an attractive gift bag and box. Accompanied by the amore heart-shaped microfibre polishing cloth, this is the gift that will always be treasured.

This necklace is 6.5mm diameter with a 4mm round ruby.

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Amore Silver Ruby Pendant & Chain

Amore Silver Ruby Pendant & Chain


In stock