There is no doubt that the sapphire is one of the most exquisite and popular gemstones on the planet. They are the birthstone for September as well as traditionally celebrating both a 45th and 65th Anniversary. It is said to represent happiness, fulfilment, peace and prosperity.

Whilst the blue sapphire is the one most people think of, this incredible gemstone also comes in a rainbow of colours including purple, green, yellow, pink and even colourless. Coming from the same family as the ruby, it is a hard gemstone which looks stunning in jewellery.

You can see for yourselves in our extensive range of sapphire jewellery online, both blue and pink, set on their own or with other gemstones like diamonds, in 9ct or 18ct white or yellow gold, or silver. Choose from dazzling engagement, eternity, dress and bubble rings, or eye-catching stud and drop earrings and we have even more in store in Broadstone, Poole so come and visit us.