Nomination bracelets, charms, and watches at Forum Jewellers allow you to tell your story through style, as well as serve as the perfect gift for the people you love.

The best part? You can create the design!

Each stainless-steel bracelet, made in Italy, is fully customisable as you choose from the vast range of Nomination links available. There’s a link for every occasion, hobby, interest, relationship, birthstone, animal, flag, and country – the list goes on!

You need never be stuck for a gift idea again, as once you have a bracelet, you can always add another link. As well as having a huge selection online and in-store at Forum Jewellers, we can also order in your desired link if you have selected one from the Nomination catalogue.

Choose from sterling silver, yellow and rose gold, semi-precious gemstones (including amethyst, emerald, pearl, ruby, sapphire, topaz, opal and peridot), and enamel to create your own unique piece of stylish jewellery. The links can be swapped between bracelets, or you can create a completely new one!

Discover the wonderful world of Nomination – come and see us in-store at Forum Jewellers in Broadstone, Poole or call us on 01202 600 350.