Royal Asscher Diamonds

Forum Jewellers are excited to be able to offer customers the unique experience of designing their own engagement ring, selecting their favourite cut of Royal Asscher diamond and then choosing the perfect setting in either yellow, white or rose gold, or platinum for a bespoke engagement ring to last a lifetime.

Royal Asscher is synonymous with some of the finest diamonds in the world. The company was founded in 1854 by the Asscher family, currently the 5th and 6th generation are at the helm of the company.

Royal Asscher History

The largest gem quality rough diamond ever found is the 3106 carat Cullinan diamond. The diamond was found on January 26th 1905 at the Premier mine in Pretoria, South Africa and named after the mine’s chairman, Sir Thomas Cullinan. This was a diamond find so large, it attracted attention across the globe. The world’s media avidly followed the evolving story of this incredible find with speculation mounting internationally of what would become of the magnificent diamond in the rough.
In 1907, at the request of King Edward VII of Great Britain, Joseph Asscher – creator of the Asscher cut diamond – cut and polished the Cullinan diamond, which has pride of place in Great Britain’s Crown Jewels.
At the turn of the twentieth century, Asscher Diamonds was one of the largest diamond manufacturers in the world, cutting and polishing diamonds for the most famous jewellery houses in Europe and the United States. The company was honoured to receive the Dutch Royal predicate in 1980.
The unique Asscher Cut was created by brothers Joop and Edward, 5th generation,in 2001. This includes 74 Facets, 16 more than original, which are perfectly symmetrical with a high crown and steep pavilion.
Each diamond has its own individual characteristics of rarity and whiteness, as natural as human fingerprints, snowflakes and flowers. Diamonds were formed over the course of millions of years and it’s over this vast amount of time their individual identity was born.
Every Royal Asscher diamond is laser-inscribed and accompanied by an independent laboratory report verifying natural origin, weight and quality, along with an authenticity certificate from the House.
At Forum Jewellers, we offer the four Royal Asscher signature diamond cuts for customers to choose from:
• The Royal Asscher Square Cut
• The Royal Asscher Round Brilliant
• The Royal Asscher Cushion
• The Royal Asscher Oval

“Go beyond the 4Cs, develop your eye for shape and details and always remember the right diamond, the one, will speak to you. Choose your diamond with your heart.” – Asscher family tip
Come and speak to one of our trained team who can help you choose which cut and setting would create the perfect design for your engagement ring.