Royal Asscher Oval Cut Diamond (Loose) 0.50ct


The Royal Asscher Oval Cut Diamond is priced as a loose diamond, enabling you to then choose the perfect setting in either yellow, white or rose gold, or platinum for a bespoke ring to last a lifetime.  Ideally this is best carried out in store.

Each diamond has 74 facets cut to the exacting proportions and parameters of it’s patent, rare and hand finessed.  Royal Asscher Diamonds offer an unrivalled selection of diamond shapes, this Royal Asscher Oval Cut is Certificated, Carat 0.50ct, Colour G, Clarity SI.  The Royal Asscher Oval Cut is inspired by the intrinsic beauty of the slender, flattering and popular Oval Cut, Royal Asscher remastered the diamond’s design to release the most beautiful expression of its shape, revealing a new, dynamic fire and brightness from deep within.  The result is dazzling, a perfectly glamourous Oval with a distinctively modern allure.


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