Bybiehl Beautiful World 14ct Gold-plated Sterling Silver World Earrings

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These popular Beautiful World Gold Earrings are made of 14ct Gold-plated Sterling Silver. Do you like to travel to see the world?

Size: 15mm in Diameter.


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ByBiehl Beautiful World Gold Earrings (14ct)

The ByBiehl Beautiful World 14ct Gold-plated Sterling Silver Earrings are a popular item in our ByBiehl range. Made of Gold-plated Sterling Silver, these earrings are a stylish gift for yourself or a loved one.

ByBiehl designed Beautiful World as a tribute to our fantastic earth. This piece of jewellery is for the person who loves to travel and experience what the world has to offer. This is for you who loves diversity and all the small wonderful facets you find all over.

ByBiehl Jewellery is known for its unique design and stunning details. Shop now with Forum Jewellers for fast delivery, or visit our store in Broadstone, Poole to discover more ByBiehl Jewellery.



The world is amazing!
Think of almond trees in bloom.
Sunsets in all shades of red
Dewy grass under your feet.
The first kiss. The second. All the following…
If you love our fantastic world, the Beautiful World collection is for you!