Nomination Bracelets: Our most frequently asked questions

Nomination is our most popular brand and it’s not hard to see why this fantastic Italian jewellery range, established in 1987 in Italy, is so loved by our customers!

The Nomination Composable bracelets are a contemporary version of a charm bracelet. The beauty of them is that they are completely unique as we doubt any has exactly the same combination of links as each other, (unless they have deliberately copied in line with Nomination’s message – #OneforYouOneforMe! This was created as “an invitation to share and connect with others, in a continuous exchange of Links that, in addition to being small jewels that represent the very best of Florentine goldsmith tradition, are also symbols, dedications or words of love that celebrate our relationships and personal bonds.”

Once you have bought the Composable Base bracelet either for yourself or someone else, you will never be stuck for a gift idea! There are literally thousands of charm links to choose from, for every occasion – birthday, wedding, anniversary, birth, love, friends, hobbies, birthstones – the list is endless, and Nomination is always creating new and exciting links to add to the range.

We get asked lots of questions about Nomination jewellery so we thought we would create a list of the most frequently asked ones with answers to make it easy for you to start your Nomination journey!

Q: What is a Nomination Composable bracelet?

A: A Nomination Composable bracelet is made up of separate charm ‘links’ that clip together. When you buy the original bracelet, it has a full set of plain links that you replace with the ones of your choice. The bracelet itself stretches so there is no problem taking it on or off, but you can increase the size of the bracelet simply by adding in more links.

In line with Nomination’s policy, when buying the Composable bracelet, you are required to purchase one charm link as well. Whether you purchase in store or online, we can fit the link into your bracelet free of charge.

Q: How many links should I have in my bracelet?

A: It really does depend on how you like to wear a bracelet. Some people like a tighter fit, others a bit more loose. Simply remove or add links to suit you.

A generally good guide for the number of links you would need for the Nomination Composable bracelet measures is:

  • Adult female: 18-20 links.
  • Adult male: 22-24 links.
  • Child: 13-16 links.

Q: Can I buy a ready-made Nomination Composable bracelet?

A: We don’t sell ready-made bracelets – to be honest, half the fun is creating your own!

Q: How do I add or remove links from my bracelet?

A: There is a special ‘tool’ that has been designed to do this and you can buy in store or online for £6.50. We’re more than happy to show you how to use it if you pop in store.

Q: Is the Nomination Composable bracelet only available in silver?

A: No! Nomination have a fantastic selection of colours to suit everyone – the base bracelet comes in silver stainless steel, yellow gold, rose gold, blue, grey and black.

The charm links also come in different colours so you can mix and match, just because you have a rose gold base bracelet doesn’t mean you can’t have a silver charm link. A mixture of different coloured charm links looks fantastic!

We would clarify that all of the Nomination Composable charm links are set on silver stainless steel, and no matter which charm you choose, this will always be the base of that charm.

Q: Can I get the charms engraved to personalise them?

A: Depending on which charm you choose, some are suitable for engraving. You can choose the font and/or symbol you would like. Please contact us to find out more.

Q: How do I clean my Nomination Composable bracelet?

A: As with any jewellery, a Nomination Composable bracelet and charms can become dull over time and would benefit from regular, gentle cleaning.

Use lukewarm water and soap and a brush with soft bristles to clean your Composable bracelet’s stainless steel. Do not submerge your bracelet in the water if you can help it.

We would also recommend using a Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipe as a quick way to keep your Composable bracelet looking at its best.

Q: Do Nomination only do Composable bracelets with charm links?

A: No! They have also designed a stunning range of watches in yellow gold plated, rose gold plated with glitter rose, rose gold plated with silver, glitter silver, and black. These make a very stylish match to your Composable bracelet.