“My First Piece of Jewellery” with the Forum Team!

Receiving your first piece of jewellery is a meaningful and memorable occasion. Whether you saved up your pennies for that one special item, blew your first pay cheque on a bit of glitz and glam, or received a gift from a loved one, we all remember how we got our first piece of jewellery.
At Forum Jewellers, we all share a lifelong passion for jewellery, so we understand the excitement of receiving that first important piece. Below, our team reminisce about the first piece of jewellery they received and tell all about what made it so special.

Helen – Director

I was nine when I had my ears pierced by one of the team at the original Forum Jewellers in Blandford, owned by my parents. A rep had come in to sell some earrings to Mum and Dad, and when I told him I was about to get my ears pierced, he said, “Let me be the one to buy you your first pair!” They were a simple pair of gold button studs, which I loved. They’re in my jewellery box, but I never wear them now as I was recommended to wear white gold or platinum, which suits my colour better.

“My First Piece of Jewellery” with the Forum Team!

Alison – Shop Manager

Not so much jewellery, but my first significant piece was an old analogue Timex watch on a red strap, which my Grandma gave me when I was nine. It was very special as it was from her and I wore it every day, even to school. I’ve had many watches since, but nothing will ever be as special as that first Timex!

“My First Piece of Jewellery” with the Forum Team!

Angie – Repairs Manager

My first piece of jewellery was a 9ct yellow gold cross and chain, which was given to me for my confirmation by a close family friend. It is such a traditional gift and I remember feeling very grown up when I wore it.

“My First Piece of Jewellery” with the Forum Team!

Suzanne – Sales Consultant

My mum and dad bought my first piece of jewellery for my fifteenth birthday, which was a silver three-tier chain. I absolutely loved it and was very proud to wear it to the school disco and youth club! Funnily enough, that style has really come back into fashion with the layering trend, so I wish I still had it!

“My First Piece of Jewellery” with the Forum Team!

Wendy – Sales Consultant

My first piece of jewellery was a ‘Kissing Cousins’ necklace which I bought myself. They were all the rage in late 1970s and I saved up my pocket money so I could have one like everyone else. I can’t remember how much it cost but it wasn’t expensive – you could tell because it left a black mark around my neck as I wore it so much!

“My First Piece of Jewellery” with the Forum Team!

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