June Birthstone – Contemporary Pearl Jewellery

June’s birthstone is the timeless pearl, one of the most classic of gems when it comes to designing beautiful jewellery.

Pearls make an incredibly thoughtful gift for those with a June birthday, particularly as each stone is completely unique. They’re also the only precious gems formed by a living creature, making them all the more special.

The pearl holds plenty of symbolic meaning, representing wisdom and calmness. They are also associated with the moon, because of their appearance, and water, because of where they are found.

Here at Forum, we’ve picked out some of our favourite pearl jewellery pieces, to help you find the perfect present for those with a June birthday.

Pearl Jewellery

Claudia Bradby Silver Luxury Pearl City Necklace

For a contemporary twist on a traditional classic, this pearl necklace elegantly combines half a row of pearls with a modern metal chain. The effect is perfectly up to date, yet simultaneously creates a gift that’s reminiscent of ‘50s Hollywood glamour.

June Birthstone – Contemporary Pearl Jewellery

UNOde50 Little Moon Bracelet

This gorgeous gold-plated bracelet plays on the connection between pearls and the moon, featuring a beautiful pearl set in the centre of two contemporary crescents. It’s an elegant piece that is both subtle and symbolic – perfect for those celebrating a June birthday.

June Birthstone – Contemporary Pearl Jewellery

Claudia Bradby Gold Plated Silver Biography Hoop Earrings

The perfect present for all occasions, these beautiful hoop earrings can be just as easily dressed up as dressed down. They’re each adorned with a single drop pearl, hanging elegantly from the main ring, creating a timeless piece that will look equally as perfect with jeans and a t-shirt as with a cocktail dress and heels.

June Birthstone – Contemporary Pearl Jewellery

Claudia Bradby Silver Pink Button Pearl Bracelet

If you’re looking for something extra unique, this contemporary pearl bracelet features cultured freshwater pearls in a beautiful pink hue. This piece is the ideal way to show someone how special they are, with each stone representing the colour of love and nostalgia.

June Birthstone – Contemporary Pearl Jewellery

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