January Birthstone – Gorgeous Garnet Jewellery

What better way to kick off the new year than with a birthday?

Those born in January are blessed with the gorgeous garnet birthstone. Garnets are named from the Latin ‘granatum’, meaning “seed”. This refers to their resemblance to the pomegranate seed. Although they are typically known for their fiery red shades, they can come in orange, pink, black, brown, and even green!

Commonly associated with passion and the heart, garnets have long been considered symbols of love, comradery, and trust. They are believed to bring an abundance of self-confidence to the wearer, boosting tenacity and vigour.

Does a loved one have a January birthday coming up? Find a glamorous gift from some of our favourite garnet pieces below!

Explore jewellery at Forum Jewellers in Poole, we have a diverse range of birthstone jewellery for each month. Read our guide to learn more about the unique gemstone associated with your birth month.

Garnet Jewellery

9ct Yellow Gold Garnet Bracelet

January Birthstone – Gorgeous Garnet Jewellery

This delicate open link bracelet is made of 9ct gold and set with four round garnets. The perfect balance between dainty and glamorous, it will make a beautiful accessory on any night out.

9ct Gold Garnet Celtic Drop Earrings

January Birthstone – Gorgeous Garnet Jewellery

These unique Celtic design earrings, complete with an eye-catching garnet gem, add a traditional yet alluring touch to any outfit. The vivid red gems really do ‘pop’ and help make these a lovely gift for a January birthday.

9ct White Gold Garnet Drop Earrings

January Birthstone – Gorgeous Garnet Jewellery

With a striking, modern design, these bold drop earrings look stunning in any situation. Wear them to the office, lunch with friends, even on date night – their versatile design blends them beautifully into any outfit.

Nomination Link January Garnet

January Birthstone – Gorgeous Garnet Jewellery

With a smooth garnet embedded in a setting of steel and bonded gold, the Nomination January charm is the perfect way to commemorate a special birthday.

New to the world of Nomination? Browse our vast range of chains and links to discover the dream combination for your loved one!

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