Focus On… Hot Diamonds

For the month of April, we at Forum Jewellers are celebrating Hot Diamonds, an exciting brand in the world of diamond jewellery. Below, you can learn more about the brand and find out exactly why diamonds are forever!

Who Are Hot Diamonds?

Hot Diamonds are a celebrated name in the jewellery industry, renowned for integrating a real diamond in every design. Born from a desire to create accessible luxury, they carved out a niche by blending fine craftsmanship with ethical sourcing.

Based in Berkshire, Hot Diamonds has a creative heart that pulses with British heritage. Their uniqueness lies in their fusion of modern design with the timeless appeal of diamonds and a commitment to sustainability that shines as brightly as their jewellery.

Hot Diamonds stands out for its pledge to beauty, durability, and conscientious production, making its mark with pieces that are both crafted with care and steeped in a rich narrative of quality and compassion.

Focus On… Hot Diamonds

Hot Diamonds Silver Forever Bangle

The Everlasting Appeal of Diamonds

The timeless allure of a diamond is synonymous with both luxury and durability. Some of the reasons why diamonds have endured include:

  • Brilliance: Diamonds refract light uniquely, creating their characteristic sparkle
  • Durability: Ranking highest on the Mohs hardness scale, diamonds are incredibly resilient
  • Symbolism: They represent eternal love, often chosen for engagement rings and milestones
  • Heritage: Diamonds carry a legacy, often passed down as cherished heirlooms

These gems embody an unrivalled combination of beauty and strength, making them an lifelong symbol of affection and commitment.

Hand-Crafted to Perfection

In the hands of skilled artisans, every piece of Hot Diamonds jewellery is brought to life with meticulous attention to detail, underscoring the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship.

Beginning with a conceptual sketch, each design is carefully shaped, cast, and then polished to perfection. A defining feature of their production process is the setting of a real diamond by hand, ensuring that personal touch is imbued in every piece.

To enhance the longevity and lustre of the jewellery, a rhodium coating is applied to certain pieces. This not only gives a luxurious finish but also serves a practical purpose: it protects the silver beneath from tarnishing and scratching, ensuring that each Hot Diamonds creation remains as timeless as the moments it celebrates.

A Piece for Every Occasion

Hot Diamonds offers an enchanting variety of jewellery pieces that cater to diverse tastes and occasions. Their collection ranges from the delicate whispers of necklaces and bracelets that grace the skin to the bold statements of rings and earrings that catch the eye.

They also craft exquisite lockets where timeless elegance meets personal storytelling. Each item, adorned with a signature real diamond, is designed to weave a narrative of enduring love and to add a touch of sparkle to everyday moments.

Focus On… Hot Diamonds

Hot Diamonds T-Bar Bracelet

Committed to Conflict-Free Diamonds

On top of their passion for crafting stunning jewellery, Hot Diamonds is also committed to sustainability. They proudly ensure that their sparkling diamonds are lovingly sourced from conflict-free zones, which is in line with the Kimberley Process—a global pledge against conflict diamonds.

With every piece, Hot Diamonds champions the cause for ethical sourcing, showing their care for the wider world and giving customers the comfort of knowing their beautiful jewels are making a positive impact.

Discover More

To view some of Hot Diamonds’ stunning pieces for yourself, take a look through our dedicated product page for the brand here. Alternatively you can view the collection in-person by visiting our Broadstone store!