Here are your Heroes

In May, we invited our followers on Facebook to nominate someone who is going above and beyond during these challenging times, the unsung heroes who are making life better for people around them. Five of these heroes would win a Nomination bracelet with choice of charm to say Thank You.

We were completely overwhelmed by the number of entries but also by the incredibly moving stories that were told. Every single one deserved to win but sadly there could only be five.

Here are the winning nominations:

Kelly Martin nominated her mum, Carol Gordon

“I would like to nominate my mum, as she is a front line worker in a supermarket, she is on the checkouts and is in the firing line of all the abuse shop workers get she starts work at 6 and when she finishes at 1 her day is not over because she then does shopping and delivers it to 3 different households. My mum is such a hard worker and thinks of others before herself to ensure we are all safe and well. I think to win this for my mum will show the appreciation we have for her still working in the awful time.We chose our first charity, Julia’s House, in 2016. Based in Poole, Julia’s House is not a typical children’s hospice. They provide practical and emotional support for families caring for a child with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, providing frequent and regular support, in their own homes, in the community or at their hospices.”

Alan Lam nominated Carrie Ann Barrow

“I am nominating Carrie Ann for her support work. She has continued to work hard to support members of the community in Poole as well as look after her mum and late dad who unfortunately passed away in the last few weeks.”

Georgina Jacobs nominated Emma Cole

“My best friend qualified as a Nurse and went straight into full-time work during this crisis on a cancer ward. Her ward has become an end of life COVID care ward. She has only had one weekend off since starting work in March! She had to learn a years worth of skills in six weeks to ensure full independence. She has worked unbelievably hard, doing such long hours often going without a break. She is a bright beam of joy who has not stopped smiling despite what she has faced. For a newly qualified nurse, she has already seen and endured things that people who have worked for many years have not even dreamt of. I am so proud of her for everything she has done and everything she is.

Ruth Chettleburgh nominated June Barrow

“My amazing step-mum not only works for the NHS as a health care assistant (doing nightshifts), but she’s been a carer for my Dad for the last 14 years after he became paralysed following a stroke. She is a genuinely decent, caring & loving person & I’m so grateful to have her in my life. My Dad sadly passed away 27th April this year, but she is still doing whatever she can to support us with our grief, even though she herself is suffering the same pain.

Liliana Frulli nominated Kayleigh Frulli

“I would like to nominate my sister as she is the Manager of the Magna Care Centre and has continued to go above and beyond for all her residents during this unprecedented time. She is leading her team so well, ensuring they are safe and guiding them to keep the residents safe to. She created a wonderful VE day celebration for the residents and ensures that they are able to be in regular contact with relatives when you cannot see them at this time. This is all whilst being a mother of 3 with her youngest about to turn two. She really is doing such an incredible job and showing true strength, courage and calm to carry on.”

Thank you for your nominations. We felt that everyone who had been nominated should be celebrated so we’re delighted to let you see how awesome they are here:

Charlotte Prosser nominated Adrian Prosser

“Adrian is my father in law, he works for a food distribution service, and has been working from home, still ensuring companies get their deliveries and orders big bulk orders. He has been under a lot of pressure, but still works efficiently and hard!”

Kevin Simpson nominated Amanda J Simpson

“My wife continues to work through every impossible scenario, not only working full time in her own role as a community matron, she’s  also working weekends as a community nurse and in the coordination team, desperately trying (and achieving) to keep the hospitals free for those who genuinely need it. We’ve been together for 30 years and I’ve never seen a more dedicated and compassionate nurse, than my wonderful wife.”

Paul Duffy nominated Angela Duffy

“Angela is my wife and hero.  She has tirelessly looked after our two girls and myself during quarantine, being particularly careful with our youngest who has type 1 diabetes.  She has kept our spirits up and held our family together.  To top this, in the last week, our disabled  son was taken to hospital seriously ill with a virus and chest infection.  He nearly died of septic shock but is slowly getting better.  Despite having to prepare for the worse, she has always been there for us all.”

Julie Howell nominated Angela Gouch

“A paramedic who has gone above and beyond in this pandemic, whilst her husband also works for the NHS, she also is taking care of her family and doing extra shifts to support her team.”

Wendy Parish nominated Angela Waite

“Working in Tescos having to take abuse from the public nearly every day.”

Amy Holland nominated Becky White

“I would like to nominate Becky as she is an NHS worker she recently got married just before lockdown then had to leave her family home to go and work at the hospital with covid 19 patients and had to stay away from her family Becky just looks at it as it’s her job but it must be hard for her and challenging during this time of uncertainty.”

Denise Bell nominated Beth Middleton

“Beth started a temp job at the council just before lockdown. Despite having a young family she has taken on extra duties helping those needing benefit help in these awful times. She cannot work from home, having to go into the office to ensure those in severe financial difficulties at least have someone to turn to. Taking all this in her stride despite having anxiety problems, supporting her husband when his beloved grandad passed away due to Covid 19 makes her very deserving of this present. Thank you.”

Alison Maidment nominated Boots staff, Wimborne

“They have been fantastic. Helpful kind and patient.”

Fergie Davies nominated Carrie-Ann Barrow

“Brilliant and hard-working helps anyone in need goes above and beyond.”

June Barrow nominated Carrie-Ann Barrow

“Provides support to clients and has taking the lead in organising her dads funeral as I couldn’t.”

Daisy Carrow nominated Carrie-Ann Barrow

“Support workers that has just kept going even with the loss of her dad.”

Joanne Kerley nominated Cathy Wilkinson

“My sister who’s a  paramedic working at Poole Hospital. She always thinks of others and runs around getting bits for me as I’m isolating. She’s always got a smile although going through tough times and we love her lots.”

Lisa Rumens nominated Charlie Mowlam

Because she is out there working in the community looking after the oldies with Dementia, she does an amazing job in keeping them safe, and making them happy xx

Danielle Goulding nominated Charlotte Standley

“I want to nominate Charlotte as she is currently a student nurse and working all hours under the sun to help support the NHS, saving lives and  protecting us all, as well as that, Charlotte is also a mum,  studying for her degree and planning her wedding for August 1st! We don’t know if their wedding will go ahead yet so it’s a super stressful time but she definitely deserves to win. x”

Janet Terry Long nominated Claire Elizabeth Long

“Claire is my daughter she is a nurse practitioner at Royal Bournemouth Hospital. At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic she volunteered to go and work in the intensive care unit and has been looking after covid-19 patients. She is also due to get married this September which we are hoping will go ahead. As parents my husband and i are so proud of her.”

Sarah Neilson nominated Clare Gillard

“My sister is a Policewoman.  She works so hard and is always putting herself at risk to keep others safe.   She is also a Mum to two young daughters as well and barely gets any time to herself.  She really deserves a treat.”

Jackie Verge nominated Claudia Goddard

“Claudia is by profession a cleaner. However since lockdown, she has continued to shop, pick up prescriptions, sort out broken phones, parcels, appointments, even going as far as getting takeaway for her self-isolating clients.

If Claudia is concerned about, any she will very kindly, just pop in to check on them, out of the blue. Incredible thoughtful kind lady, does not tell many people about her kind efforts. Definitely an unsung hero.”

Sandra Feast nominated Debbie Chase

“Wish to nominate Debbie. As she has been working on the front line. She is a Sister and was going to do less hours but chose to stay on doing full time til the crisis is over. Helping in another hospital when she was needed as they were short staffed. She is very dedicated to her job.”

Kerry Friend nominated Debbie Rowley

“Debbie is juggling studying to become a nurse practitioner, nursing at the hospital and a busy house with two children . She’s always busy and under pressure and she just keeps going with a smile on her face . She works so hard and really deserves a treat just for her.”

Charlotte Prosser nominated Dillon James

“My dad works for an engineering company, he has been working tirelessly to make parts for the NHS, most of the workers was furloughed, and my dad has been working extremely hard to help keep manufacturing the jobs people need doing. He is a hero! Without him the NHS wouldn’t have some equipment.”

Dr Martin was nominated

“This doctor has given me telephone help and prescriptions and worked throughout and is local to Broadstone.”

Jane Cole nominated Emma Jane Cole

“After qualifying in February 2020 she has completed extra training that would take a year in 5 weeks. This has enabled her to give extra care to the poor patients who already have cancer but have confirmed Covid. She is taking it all in her stride and says if she can get a smile from them every day she has done a good thing. So proud of her. xx”

Jane Dale-Beaumont nominated Evie Dale-Beaumont

“My daughter Evie Scarlett who graduated recently, is now working as a rapid response nurse, on her lunch break recently she helped at a road traffic accident a cyclist collided with a car until emergency services arrived, she deserves a special treat.”

Irene Williams nominated Fiona Williams

“My granddaughter had not been working in a care home for long before the virus arrived she goes off to work her shift, and loves looking after the care home residents.”

Shirley Price nominated Gavin Fisher

“Gavin Fisher runs Children’s Respite Trust. they cannot provide support and activities at their centre in Uckfield at the moment so have taken their support to the families they help. They are providing activity bags for the children and families and making sure that they have the support they need in this difficult time.  All of the families they help have children with very complicated 24/7 requirements and Gavin and his team are always there for each and every one of them.”

Jemma Rideout nominated Gemma Sheppard

“Gemma works at 111 and has gone above and beyond at these hard and very challenging times.”

Jo Hyne nominated Gemma Stanbrook

Gemma works on the Oncology ward at Bournemouth hospital. She immediately volunteered to work permanent nights and extra shifts when the pandemic started as she is single and most of her colleagues have children. She works long and tiring hours but she uses her days off to do shopping for her mum who is shielding due to her health issues as well as friends who cannot go out. She keeps in touch by text and calls to make sure all her friends are well, helps is out if we need shopping, spreads her special brand of love and cheer despite her long and draining working hours with nobody to go home to at the end of the day. She listens to all of our worries and concerns and is happy to give her professional advice when it comes to any medical worries at a time when seeing our GP feels like a little bit of a luxury. She is the most selfless, loving and caring person….I always describe her as the family I chose because as friends go you would be hard pushed to find anyone to hold a candle to her.”

Christine Sanders nominated Gill Rutherford

“Gill retired at Christmas and set up a little sewing groups – Colehill Sew and Sews and we started making a few dresses for the Dress a Girl around the world scheme.  The members of the group have very limited sewing skills and in the main very old machines.  When the current covid 19 pandemic started Gill found out that many staff need lots of scrubs, headbands to save their ears from the face masks they have to wear and scrub bags to put their possibly contaminated clothes into.  She changed the groups aims and quickly started organising us all into teams and then adapted again as demand grew.  She managed to get some funds from charities and has collected fabrics from many places.  She distributes the fabrics to the cutters, overlockers and sewers and then arranges to get the finished garments to where they are needed most – I believe we have sent things to Poole Hosp, Dorchester Therapy team, Victoria Hosp Wimborne, Bournemouth Hosp, Southampton Hosp and Guys and St Thomas and our local care home Streets Meadow Wimborne.  She is working pretty much around the clock and as she said to me one day her home now looks like a Chinese laundry.  This is all done with a cheery smile and giving support to a few members of the group who joined because they are low or lonely or feel a bit useless.  She is an unsung hero at the current time and deserves a big thank you.”

John Gregory nominated Jackie Calder

“Jackie is a palliative care carer who works for Dudley council going round to peoples homes  and helping out.”

Jan Mainstone nominated Jackie Draper

“Jackie is the most caring person she works in a care home and has always time for everyone she has two grandchildren that she also looks after  on her days off when their mum is at work she also has her father in law living with her I’m honoured to call Jackie my best friend.” .

Melissa Hansford nominated Jenny Playford

“Jenny is there at a drop of a hat to help. She volunteered right at the beginning to deliver vital medication to our vulnerable customers. She’s always on hand and helping too through her job at Hadleigh surgery. She deserves to be recognised.”

Sue Gray nominated Julie Legg

The kindest paramedic! Always calm, always smiling!

Tara Chandler nominated June Barrow

“June looked after her disabled husband for 15years and he recently passed away. June as well work night shifts at a hospital she never had time to herself she would come home get him up dress wash and breakfast before she was able to go to sleep he needing 24h care so she never been on holiday or had time to self i take my hat off to she did all off this with a smile on her she is a hero.”

Carrie-Ann Barrow nominated June Barrow

“Brilliant mum cared for my dad for 15 years.”

Amber Davies nominated June Barrow

“My mum will be saying her final farewell to my dad today. He passed on the 27/04. Mum was my dads carer for 16 years, dad had a stroke at the age of 54. Mum continued to work full time (and still does) night shifts at the hospital, during this pandemic and with the loss of my dad, mum does not feel she should take advantage of her NHS employment and joins the back of every queue in the shops.”

Dawn Whitehall nominated Katie Horn

“Katie works at PGH in critical care but has been re-deployed to I.C.U. She has been working very hard. On her days off, she cares for her 3 children as well as shopping etc. for people shielding who cannot get out. She is a hero ????

Emily Holmes nominated Kayleigh Frulli

“Kayleigh is my care home manager at the Magna Care Home on Arrowsmith Rd and on a daily basis goes above and beyond for not only us but our care staff. Kayleigh has a young family of her own and puts in so many hours to make sure the home is safe during these unprecedented times. 

She constantly boosts our moral with all that she does and listens intently to her residents and reassures them. In such a scary time she has really held it together and we feel safe. Kayleigh is our hero.”

Tracy Pidgley nominated Kayleigh Frulli

“Kayleigh is the Manager of Magna Care Home in Arrowsmith Road and also a loving mum. During this lockdown Kayleigh has been fantastic support to her team and residents at Magna. She has been keeping the spirits up of all during the awful time when the residents haven’t been able to enjoy the visits of family and friends. Kayleigh though has ensured that the residents have the family of Magna to keep them going.”

Rachel Peacock nominated Kayleigh Peacock

“Kayleigh works for the nhs so is a front line worker but not only that during lock down she suffered a miscarriage, has helped me with collecting shopping since I was diagnosed with ME and fibromyalgia as it has knocked me for six. She has also run around to get bits for my mum as mum has chemo so is high risk and can’t leave the house which means my dad can’t either. These have been scary trying times however with the help of Kayleigh it has been made a bit easier.”

Suzanne Nation nominated Kerry Holland

“Kerry is a nurse practitioner at Bournemouth hospital, since the coronavirus she’s had to work in ICU holding hands of patients dying from Covid 19 when they’re family cannot, shes working 12 hour shifts and has a family to care for too.”

Merissa Bartlett nominated Kirstine Adkin

“I nominate my sister in law to be Kirstine Adkin, She is a paramedic serving on the frontline and tested positive for Covid, she was back on the front line as soon as she was allowed, all this is while dealing with having her fiancé (my brother) serving in the RAF on the front line away from home. She is a hero ️????????

Amy Beckett nominated Laura Merle

“My shining star.  ????❤????❤????❤

#communitynursing #NHS

I’d love to nominate Laura Merle

She definitely is a sparking pearl. 

Challenging days working in the community 

Together battling for immunity.

She needs a special treat. 

To rest her tired feet.”

Charlotte Prosser nominated Lewis Prosser

“My husband has been working in a supermarket, the amount of pressure they have been under, and the way customers have treated himself and his colleagues, yet still works with a smile and hard! He has been worried about the virus as we have a 4 month old baby at home, but he takes every precaution he can. Himself and his colleagues have been stars in making the store have enough products and safety measures. Thank you to our hero!”

Valerie Brunt nominated Louise Ball

“Louise is an NHS worker who has continued to work throughout the Pandemic. Louise lives with her elderly parents and brother who have all been self-isolating ,so to minimise the risk to them she has been living in the summer house at the bottom of the garden  which has no heating or electricity away from the family she is my hero being so selfless.”

Emma Farningham nominated Lucie Smith

“My sister works for the NHS at Wimborne Hospital. On the end of life work .”

Marcella Clarke nominated Marcia Jones

“Marcia is deep cleaning her school so that special needs students and their tutors can still attend safely.  Education is still important! Thank you.”

Maria Amey nominated Maria Livesley

“Because we clap for nhs and Maria runs a care home so wonderfully, we had a chat the other night and it’s been so awful, both her and her son contracted this virus, her husbands also showed symptoms. They are under staffed. Doing their best and they are just by Poole Park which is closed and they see people picnic there whilst they are risking their lives. She also offered myself and my husband a job as she knows we cannot get any help.  She’s a selfless person, hard-working and risking the health of her family and friends. Covid infected 13 to date at her care home but her super care meant a lady of 101 fought it .She deserves a medal. Thank you for listening, love Maria x”

Michelle Lambert-Roe nominated Maria Smeaton

“In 2016 I was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. She was a work colleague that I had known for approx 1 year before this. 

Obviously when I found out I had time off from work for an op and treatment. She visited me every 3 weeks, we then started going for lunch, she was my rock. 

If I ever had to go to an appt on my own, she would offer to take me and she did. When I has radiotherapy a year later, again she took me on the days that my then partner couldn’t.  

She was overjoyed when my partner proposed on the 10th year of us being together, which was Oct 2019. 

Being as though I am turning 40 this year and it falls on a Saturday (23rd May) we had planned to do it then. One big party. 

However when I had another appt with my Oncologist she suggested we bought it forward. 

So the 29.02.2020 it was. 

She helped so much, and looked for things for me when I couldn’t (as my diagnosis meant I had to surrender my driving licence.)

She offered to drive me to my wedding to save costs, she also looked for a bolero, found one and paid for it. She had purchased some earrings for me for my birthday last year and our colour scheme was ivory and blue. 

The earrings had a sapphire in the middle and cubic Zirconia around the outside. 

She has been the kindest, caring person I have ever met. 

I have since had to retire on ill health as my tumour has now regrown and it’s terminal (hence the bring the wedding forward.) 

She is still here for me and is like a sister I never had. 

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

Nina Davidson nominated Marion Burgess

“I would like to nominate  the person above, she runs a charity for parents/carers who have children/young people with all kinds of disabilities and as soon as we had lockdown she raised some funding to set up running a befriending services so parents/carers of all ages didn’t feel isolated by homeschooling, or dealing with the other pressure of looking after children, young adults of any ages while in lockdown, she felt that parents would need  someone to talk to and know that they were not along.  While she is doing that she also shopping for her elderly neighbours plus looking after her family as well, she so inspiring and her befriending service at present has helped 52 parents.”

Megan Sullivan nominated Megan Sullivan

“I nominate myself because I am a medical speech and language therapist working on the frontline covid wards at busy London hospital. I help people communicate with their families whilst on ventilators and help them swallow their first sips of fluid and bites of food safely once they come off of them. I have been working long shifts all bank holiday weekend and could really use a pick me up. Thanks so much for the lovely prize!”

Yvonne Wigmore nominated Michelle Mellor-Smith

“I would like to nominate my daughter. She is a nurse visiting patients out in North Dorset having to drive a lot of miles a day. Plus takes care of her family and most of all drops groceries on my step with just a distant wave. Plus a lovely homemade cake this week. ????

Carole Light nominated Rachel Down

“Rachel has worked tirelessly day in day out to satisfy and make sure orders were met during lock down working  up to 16 hours a day to make healthy food products for people with health conditions and people who are conscious of their gut health by making beef, chicken and lamb bone broth for soups and an additive to meals which are essential for gut health, also making Kefir juice and ginger bug probiotic drinks for gut health. 

Making sure her orders were delivered in good time to customers up and down the United Kingdom not letting anyone down. 

Working single handed with two small children to care for.

Rachel is a relatively young business and known as:

 Boil and Broth posted on Facebook and social media sites.

Her passion and strength and kindness to mankind is keeping her going.

Regards Carole Light”

Elaine Plank nominated Tina Humm

“Tina has been making scrubs tops and trousers for the nurses in the local hospitals.  I believe some have gone to Wimborne Hospital and also elsewhere,  she is supplied with the goods and stitches them all on her sewing machine,  She has a very kind heart. I feel she should be nominated.”

Mrs Louise Nicholson nominated Mrs Zita Turner

“Zita is the home manager of the Potteries Care Home in Broadstone. This has been a very scary and stressful time for everybody. But Zita has been a constant source of support and strength to all her staff and residents and their families. As a wife and mother herself it must be so hard to be strong and supportive but she has and is always working so hard to maintain a happy and healthy home for our residents. I believe she absolutely deserves to win this bracelet so that she will always have a reminder of how much she is thought of and appreciated.”

Jacqueline Charman nominated Nonnie Scutt

“Nonnie is my absolute hero, she is a nurse for the NHS and has been treating patients with Covid 19 she phoned them in her own time daily to check on them and I cycled to her house to clap outside on a Thursday and she got really emotional! I love her and she is my real hero in all of this!! I hope she wins, she deserves it! ️”

Charlotte Prosser nominated Patricia James

“This is my mum, she usually works in orthopedic theatres, but has changed job during the pandemic to working on the intensive care unit, she has done shifts all over the place with 12 hours 8pm-8am and then 8am-8pm. She has taken it in her stride and worked so hard to help everyone get better, it’s been tough and demanding but always wears a loving smile!”

Helen Robinson nominated Pauline Surridge

“My Mum is my Dads carer 24/7. lockdown is particularly hard because I can’t see them to offer the moral support I normally do, she is amazing xx”

Lynda Davies nominated Penelope Stewart

“Penny has made cakes, donated bath bombs and homemade soaps, made masses and masses of headbands, she’s been collecting and delivering donations to Poole, Bournemouth and lots of other hospitals. Penny has many health problems but always puts others before herself.”

Samantha Shapley nominated Rebecca Conroy

“Becky is a ward sister at Dorchester hospital so has been at the forefront of the battle against Covid 19. Not only has she had the worry of bringing this virus home to her two young children her husband is also a police officer with Type 1 diabetes.

She has been working so hard running her ward at the hospital and then home schooling her two children on the days she is at home. She is just an amazing human! X”

Tracey Preddy nominated Rosie Hogan

“My daughter Rosie has been working hard throughout the lockdown as a practise nurse at the Adams Practice GP surgery. She and her husband Wayne are juggling their garage business and a four year old son (Jack) who  missed his birthday party due to social distancing. Rosie is a ray of sunshine, despite the constant pressures, and I am so very proud of her.  This would be a wonderful thank you to recognise her continued commitment to nursing.”

Sara Berry nominated Sarah Bell

“Sarah is an outpatient nurse who has been redeployed to work on a trauma ward. She is working long days and helping care for some very poorly patients in a ward that is struggling with staffing due to Covid. She is supporting new staff and always helping her colleagues despite being tired and achy.”

Evelyn Johnston nominated Sarah Zycinski

“NHS frontline radiographer in Glasgow Royal doing tests on Covid patients working 12 hour shifts and 7 days on.”

Serena Hickman-Holden nominated Shona Holden

“My mother in law is currently working in the ICU and is coping amazingly well looking after patients and then goes shopping for elderly vulnerable people. She’s missing her grandchildren and this would be very well deserved.”

Charlotte Tucker nominated Sue Pagett

“I am nominating my Mum. She is a nurse working for the NHS. She has been working long hours to support hospitals with the Covid fight, whilst still running a house. On top of that she has been completing the food shops for both my grandparents and making sure they are comfortable and happy, all from a social distance. She is a hero in my eyes.”

Luke Peter Calliss nominated Teresa Elizabeth Calliss

“She has put in a lot of effort within the doctors surgery and has been very hardworking and helpful to her team. Not only just being great at work but being a great mum within this difficult time.”

Charlotte Prosser nominated Wendy Prosser

“Wendy has been working in a pre-school, with the children who have parents working in the NHS, she has continued her hard work, and strived to make it as easy as possible for the children, as there is a very small amount to usual, trying to make the transition from a full school to a handful, continuing to nourish the children’s learning skills.”

Rebekah Wiltshire nominated Zoe Smith

“My friend Zoe Smith from Hamworthy works at Poole hospital. She usually spends her days doing ultrasound scans for excited pregnant ladies! Due to the current situation she’s been moved across to the COVID-19 unit and looking after sick patients. Not only is she trying her best to help out in areas she isn’t fully trained in, she’s also working super long 12 hour shifts days in a row without barely any time off or any spare time to spend with her partner. She is always taking the time to still call her friends and family to check in on everyone despite how busy she is. She deserves to win!”

Linda Ewen nominated Sherri-Louise Walden

“Sherri-Louise Walden has worked tirelessly as a carer through all of this and also looked after my son whom she lives with on top of this she has done shopping and other chores for the elder outside of her work role making sure they are safe and have all they need continually going home tired but dealt with it all in her stride, she is not nhs but just as essential for our older community.”

Jane Scadding nominated Deborah Griffiths

“I’m an NHS worker & there are so many outstanding colleagues I work with regularly who do the most amazing job, but I’m going to nominate Deborah Griffiths who is a Specialist Paramedic who goes out into the Community Visiting poorly pts, nothing is ever too much trouble & she works tirelessly to help those in need, as with so many NHS staff, often goes without a break, Debbie has been a Paramedic for over 30 yrs & further trained to become a specialist Paramedic , Debbie is a highly thought of member of the team & id love her to receive something nice xx”

Thank you to everyone who nominated and the biggest thanks to everyone who is making such a difference to the lives of people around them by what they selflessly do. 

To thank NHS & emergency service workers for the amazing job they have done in looking after us through this difficult time, we’ve now signed up to the Blue Light Card scheme.  

Blue Light Card provides those in the NHS, Emergency Services, social care sector and Armed Forces with a 10% discount at Forum both online and in-store. 

Please make sure you tell anyone you know who could benefit – we’d like to say a very big THANK YOU from Forum!