Forum’s Top Picks for Christmas

If you’re struggling to think of what to buy a loved one this Christmas, here’s some stunning selections from our very own team of experts!

Something really special

Suzanne suggests
If someone came in and wanted something unique, something really different, and something that no-one else has got to really make their partner feel special, I would bring out the fabulous Royal Asscher diamonds which is our newest brand. It is such a privilege to be able to offer them to our customers.

Anyone would be totally inspired by them. It’s the 74 facets that make them so breathtaking and unique. They’re also certificated to ensure quality. The beauty is that you can have a stone set in a ring or pendant which is so personal.

Citizen watches

Angie loves
I would recommend a Citizen Eco Drive watch for a Christmas present. It’s a beautiful design. I really like the diamonds set around the bezel. Both the ladies and gents Citizen Eco Drive watches are powered by light so there is no battery to replace. It comes with a five year warranty, which is how confident Citizen are of their product. They’re water resistant to a hundred meters so are suitable for swimming, diving or in the shower. The ladies watch is £349 & men’s £179.

What I love particularly is the colour – it’s suitable for wearing with gold jewellery, yellow gold, white gold and even silver jewellery. Very stylish. Perfect!

Coeur de Lion for the cool and funky

Deanna suggests
If you’re buying for someone who likes more fashionable, colourful jewellery as opposed to a traditional style, I would recommend Coeur de Lion.

You could start with the necklace and then match it with a bracelet and earrings.

The studs and mini hoops start from about £49 and you can choose from a nice simple, sparkle design or you can go more elaborate with a big, colourful, chunky design. I love that you can layer the bracelets which is very on trend at the moment.We have limited edition pieces as well which we’re only allowed to sell for a certain time so that makes the piece really special.


Wendy’s festive choice
I think Nomination is the perfect Christmas gift. When you start somebody off with a Nomination bracelet, you’ve got ideas then for further Christmases and birthdays. A Nomination charm will last an eternity.

The style suits all age groups – we’ve got a lot of young customers, from 8, 9 & 10 year olds and our oldest customer is 71! My favourite is the silver because there’s a lot more choice and a lot of it is sparkly. And a girl can never have too much sparkle!

Great jewellery ideas for children

Alison suggests
I’d love to recommend the beautiful Little Star range to anyone who is looking for a different gift for a child. There’s a wide range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, which you can match together.

You can even get some Mother’s pieces that can match in. The range is suitable for from babies, as we have Christening bracelets, up to about 8- 10 years old. It’s a really lovely range.


Helen’s number one choice…
My recommendation would be a piece from Vixi Jewellery. Vixi Jewellery is all designed, sold and marketed by Vicki Smith, a UK Jewellery Designer, passionate about affordable silver jewellery.

She focuses on specific collections that she has designed from scratch: Daydream, Nova Shooting Stars, Sunbeam and Deserts Flowers. I love to wear the Daydream collection but I also love her newest collection, Desert Flowers.