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Forum Jewellers began stocking platinum in 2000. The platinum revival metal soon became very popular as its stunning whiteness complements diamonds beautifully. Since 2000 we have built up a selection of platinum jewellery and a large range of platinum diamond rings to suit all budgets. As platinum interest has grown, coloured stones have been introduced, adding to the choice available.

Platinum jewellery isn’t just beautiful to look at, it is also beautiful to touch. With a silky polished surface and weighing almost half as much again as 18 carat gold, it conveys a real feeling of value, beauty and quality. Although platinum jewellery is becoming more and more popular, it is still the exception and is worn by exceptional people.

Gold is rare, but platinum is twenty times rarer. To produce one platinum ring, more than a ton of ore must be mined. Today many platinum jewellery designs are accented with 18 carat gold – the gold contrasting beautifully with platinum’s pure white colour to create a sophisticated, versatile and fashionable look.

Nothing sets off a diamond, or any precious stone, quite like platinum. Its pure white lustre ideally complements the colour and brilliance of your gem. Its unmatched strength and durability holds it gently yet with absolute security ensuring your diamond truly is “forever”.


Pure, white and eternal, platinum is the perfect choice for a wedding ring. In the UK, platinum jewellery contains 95% pure platinum. By comparison, 18 carat gold only contains 75% pure gold. Platinum never tarnishes nor loses its deep colour and will not wear thin like some gold rings.

And remember – the wedding dress will only be worn once, the flowers and cake last only one day. Your rings will be a reminder of your wedding day, every day for the rest of your lives. Make sure they reflect the joy of it.


Q. What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

A. Platinum is naturally white whereas gold’s natural colour is yellow. The white colour in white gold is artifically created by adding other metals. Even then the colour is not always pure white, and is often rhodium plated to imitate the “platinum look”. This plating can wear off even with normal wear.

Q. Why is a platinum ring more expensive than white gold?

A. Platinum is the real thing, see previous question. It is also so rare that it’s nearly twice the price of gold. Platinum jewellery is purer than its gold counterpart. Platinum also requires a higher level of craftmanship to work the metal into jewellery, which adds to its exclusivity.

Q. Can platinum be scatched?

A. All precious metals can be scratched. With platinum, however, rings will not thin with age at the same rate as gold alloys.

Q. Is platinum jewellery easy to repair?

A. Platinum can be repaired but it needs to be done by an expert, as it requires higher temperatures and refined skills to work.

Q. How does platinum jewellery wear when combined with yellow gold?

A. Extremely well, but signs of wear can sometimes appear on the gold. When the jewellery is designed, however, every effort is made to ensure that platinum is used in the areas where greatest wear is likely to occur. If you intend wearing a platinum ring next to a gold one it is worth considering choosing a design combining gold and platinum with the gold in the part that will be in contact with your other ring to prevent the platinum wearing the other ring.

Q. My skin is very sensitive. Will platinum be OK for it?

A. Absolutely. Platinum is hypo-allergenic and is compatible with all skin types. It is even used in biomedical devices designed to spend their lives inside the body.

Q. How do I know that a piece of jewellery is really platinum and not white gold.

A. Since 1975 all platinum jewellery sold in the UK has to to have a platinum hallmark. The mark that denotes platinum is the sceptre inside a pentagon. The jewellery is also marked as the following:

Mark and its explanation
850 – 85% pure platinum
900 – 90% pure platinum
950 – 95% pure platinum
999 – 99% pure platinum

Q. Is platinum good value?

A. Yes. Platinum represents excellent value for money. The price will be higher than similar items in gold but platinum is pure, rare, un-tarnishing, enduring, beautiful, valuable, luxurious, classic and the perfect host for diamonds – qualities that make it worth paying that little bit extra for.