Behind every piece of jewellery is a story…

A gentleman called in to collect his ring which we had re-sized for him. He put the ring on his wedding finger next to another wedding ring and said to me “can I tell you the story of this ring”….

“This is my first wedding ring which I lost gardening many years ago. My wife and I hunted high and low for the ring but couldn’t find it. I was devastated but claimed on the insurance and my wife helped me chose a lovely replacement which I still wear today.

My wife, unfortunately, passed away and exactly a year later when I was pruning her favourite rose bush in the garden, would you believe I found my original ring!

I felt it only right to contact the insurance company and inform them that I’d located the ring, but they were very understanding, and I didn’t have to repay the full amount”

What a true gentleman and a lovely story.