April Birthstone – Dazzling Diamond Jewellery

April birthdays are celebrated with the dazzling diamond – a gemstone that is a representation of love and commitment with its traditional association with engagement rings and other symbols of love.

Traditionally, the diamond is said to bring those born in April better relationships and an increase in inner strength. It is also said that it brings balance, clarity, and abundance.

What’s the history behind the April birthstone?

As with all birthstones, the origin of the diamond as the April birthstone probably dates back to biblical times. Over time, a story of a priest who wore twelve gemstones on his breastplate evolved, with each gemstone eventually representing the zodiac and the months associated with it.

The word ‘diamond’ is adopted from the Greek word ‘adamas’, meaning invincible. As the popularity of diamonds grew, people started to believe that diamonds possessed magical powers, with some people even believing them to be the tears of God.

Eventually, diamonds were even thought to have healing powers. The people of the Middle Ages used diamonds as a treatment – particularly for brain and pituitary-related ailments – by heating the crystal and taking it with them to bed to draw out the harmful toxins.

The history of the diamond being associated with engagement dates back to the same period. According to history books, in 1477 the Archduke of Austria commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring – a move which was swiftly adopted by the rest of upper class Middle Age society.

These days, diamonds are used much more widely, with bracelets, necklaces, and earrings adorned with gems that are as old as the earth itself.

April Birthstone Gift Ideas for Her

Whether you’re looking to pop that all important question or purchase the perfect April birthday gift, we’ve pooled together our favourite products for inspiration.  

April Birthstone – Dazzling Diamond Jewellery

April birthstone and initial necklace 

An initial necklace is always a thoughtful present, which is why we’ve chosen a Hot Diamonds Initial Necklace as our first gift idea. Each piece of jewellery from Hot Diamonds is adorned with a real diamond, making your choice of birthday gift even more special. We have a range of initial necklaces available online and instore.

April Birthstone – Dazzling Diamond Jewellery

April birthstone heart necklace 

The perfect gift for a mother, this beautiful diamond necklace features two hearts – a diamond heart to represent the mother and a little heart representing her child. The necklace features white topaz gems and a Hot Diamonds genuine diamond, giving that extra special touch.

April Birthstone – Dazzling Diamond Jewellery

April birthstone heart earrings

For a day or night time occasion, we can’t think of anything better than these 9ct gold diamond earrings. With their subtle twinkle, the receiver of this April birthstone gift can pair these earrings with a favourite outfit, or wear them every day for that touch of glamour.

April Birthstone – Dazzling Diamond Jewellery

April birthstone diamond bracelet

For a decadent gift, we’ve chosen this 18ct Gold Diamond Bubble Bangle. Featuring diamonds set in white gold bubbles of different sizes, this statement bracelet promises to catch the eye of every person in the room.

April Birthstone – Dazzling Diamond Jewellery

April birthstone necklace and earring set

For the younger ones in your life, a jewellery set that has a significance with their birth month is no doubt an exciting and wonderful gift. Little Star is renowned for their exquisite jewellery pieces that are designed to be appreciated by the youngest of jewellery wearers – and this birthstone necklace and jewellery set is no different.  

Need more inspiration?

For more great diamond jewellery ideas, why not browse our full online selection? Alternatively, please feel free to pop into our store in Poole, where one of our team will be more than happy to help you pick the perfect piece. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us today on 01202 600350.