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Engagement Ring

The average cost for an engagement ring in the UK is around £1,800. Tradition states you should be spending around two months wages on that special item. But there are so many options to consider – a beautiful looking ring can start as low as £400 and work its way up to a cool £1million.

Your final ring choice is governed by a number of factors, including: What metal you or your partner wants, the diamond size, diamond cut, diamond colour and clarity. Even the diamond shape makes a difference to the cost.

What matters is that you pay for something reflecting your budget and shows your true feelings towards your partner, and at Forum we are confident we have a selection of Engagement rings to suit all budgets and requirements.

We are privileged to stock the Exclusive Master Cut range of Diamond Rings. The MasterCut diamond is like that of no other. Its unrivalled brilliance is as unique as the person that wears it and each stone is a fine example of outstanding art and craftsmanship.

With 89 facets, 32 more than a traditional round brilliant diamond, the MasterCut diamond has a unique star faceted into the culet which directs light through the crown and table, allowing your MasterCut diamond to perform with phenomenal brilliance. This unique star effect is clearly visible and links the stone to its MasterCut identity. Ask to see this star effect today. Each piece of jewellery is also provided with its very own Certification Portfolio. This allows you to track your individual diamond, from the rough stone, through to the finished piece of jewellery.