Thomas Sabo

Since 2006 a new Charm Club collection has appeared twice a year with lovingly designed creations. It arouses the fans’ collecting passion worldwide. Since 2013 Charm Club jewellery has also shone in yellow gold and rose gold, underscoring the feminine and trendy look of this playful collection.

Fashionistas can choose from a wide range of different charm styles and motifs to enhance their look. Whether they are looking for the right charms for the next summer holiday, perfect Christmas gifts or a scintillating present for their best friend – the Charm Club always offers the ideal jewellery gift for all occasions.

The charms are worn either on special Charm bracelets which recall classic lucky charm bracelets, or on ball bracelets, for example made of obsidian, freshwater cultivated pearls or rose quartz. Charm chains also provide an opportunity to create an individual look. With the charm carriers made of 925 Sterling silver it is also possible to wear your favourite charms on other chains.

The history of charm jewellery is the history of man’s longing for love, happiness and security. It has its origins in prehistoric times and its traces shine out through the millennia. From the year 30,000 BC, for example, there are miniature amulets discovered in caves, testifying to the ancient pleasure in charms. In the 1920s charm bracelets in art deco style were very popular. Charms attained a new peak of popularity in the 1950s. The demand now was for miniatures with romantic themes: lovers exchanged them as promise and token of love. In 2006 the introduction of the new Charm Club collection from THOMAS SABO set off an enormous wave of enthusiasm which has persisted to the present day.

Thomas Sabo - Silver Charm Sun-Moon-Star